Our Pricing

All businesses are unique and each appointment will be different. This section will provide an idea of how our pricing works but we will go into more detail with each client.

To start, our Administrative Fee: $50

This includes setting up backdrops, props, camera gear and lighting according to the client's instructions/vision.

  • Any live props or props that we don't carry would be additional costs.
    • For example: floral arrangements, fruits, food and beverages, etc.

We have custom-made wooden props in our studio that you can choose from. If there are more specific shapes you require, please let us know ahead of time. We will add the cost to the invoice.

Pricing Per Photo: $20/product/scene

  • This includes one (1) eye-level photo and one (1) high-angle photo for each product.
  • Top-down (flat-lay, bird's eye view) photo is another $20/product/scene

Example: 1 product under 1 scene would be $50 admin fee + $20 for 1 product including two different angles. Total would be $70.

Example: 1 product under 2 scenes would be $50 admin fee + $20 (x2). Total would be $90.


Limited revisions are accepted. This only includes editing of the photo.